Fresh from the sea to you

Underwater SMOur aim is to get the seafood fresh from the sea to you with careful, yet minimal, handling. You can be confident that we maintain the highest standards in fish processing – with outstanding quality of product and reliability being vital to us building long-term customer relationships.

Consumer confidence

Our customers trust us to deliver on freshness and premium quality – of taste, texture, colour and nutritional value. We source the best seafood from carefully selected suppliers who harvest their fish from the clean Southern Ocean waters. Our processing occurs within the optimum time frame and using best practice to protect the integrity of our product. Then our cold chain management ensures this care continues during all phases of transport.

It’s important to us that future generations can enjoy the sea and the seafood that comes from it. We source our fish from sustainably managed fisheries. All boats that supply us are audited by us to ensure they fish responsibly and that best practice is carried out from ocean to plate.