Ocean Jacket

Premium taste without the premium price

Ocean Jacket fishing

The Ocean Jacket Nelusetta ayraudi are caught in the Great Australian Bight in the Southern Ocean around seagrass or the sand bottom using trawl or trap fishing vessels.

The trap vessels process the fish on-board by heading, gutting and chilling the fish immediately after they are caught.


Reasons to add it to your order

These fish are one of the ocean’s best kept secrets, being undervalued with premium quality flesh that is versatile for cooking.

On-board handling techniques ensure the fish are clean and reduce bacteria creating longer lasting value to the customer.



This is an abundant resource however, like all seafood in South Australia, it is Government monitored to ensure it is not overfished.


Culinary experience

This beautiful fish ranges in colour from bright yellow to pale white and grey. The flesh is white with a moist and delicate texture and pleasant sea aroma.

The Ocean Jacket has a similar taste to chicken, with a hint of sweet oceanic flavour.

We recommend steaming this fish as the meat falls off the bone.

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How to handle

  • For longer lasting shelf life keep in its whole form until ready for use.
  • To avoid spoiling, do not expose flesh to fresh water.
  • Wrap unused fish tightly in plastic wrap and store between 2-5⁰C.


Tips from our fishermen

For optimum freshness and to prevent the fish from drying out, store it on a drip tray or plate sitting on ice in a sealed container in the refrigerator.