Baby Octopus

Clean fresh flavour available all year round

Baby Octopus fishing

The Baby Octopus Berrima is wild trap caught in the shallow, pristine waters of Coffin Bay and along the west coast of South Australia.

It is caught using environmentally friendly tubes attached to lines that have been left in the water to be periodically checked and moved by the fishermen.

Coffin Bay is an ideal fishing location and benefits from:

  • Isolated waters
  • Low human population
  • Low rainfall 
  • No river systems washing pollutants into the waterways.


Reasons to add it to your order

The Baby Octopus is reliable and consistent. It is available fresh year-round with harvesting daily by our local fisherman.

It has a fresh, clean flavour from living in the pristine waters around Coffin Bay.  



This is a relatively new fishery and, like all seafood in South Australia, it is government monitored to ensure it is not overfished.

It is sustainably managed and requires a licence to catch them using only environmentally friendly catching methods with no by-catch.


Culinary experience

The Baby Octopus has a clean flavour with a tender texture.

 See Baby Octopus serving suggestions


How to handle

  • Open bag of Baby Octopus and run each one under cold water to rinse off any ink.
  • Wrap unused Baby Octopus tightly in plastic wrap and store between 2-5⁰C.


Tips from our fishermen

Best frozen then thawed. The Baby Octopus is made up of 80-90% water – as it freezes, the water expands and then bursts into the meat when it defrosts, further tenderising the meat.

- Leon VanWeenan