Southern Rock Lobster

Premium quality and luxurious taste

Southern Rock Lobster fishing

Our highly sought after, premium Southern Rock Lobster Jasus edwardsii is wild caught in the cold, clean waters of the Southern Ocean.FOS R web

It is fished in the Northern Zone lobster fishery, an expanse of South Australian coastline in excess of 3,700km.

The fishing boats have short trips of between 1 to 10 days, holding the live catch in wells inside the boats. The catch is taken directly from the boats to our factory and held in cold tanks before transport.

The Southern Rock Lobsters are caught using specially designed, environmentally friendly pots that keep by-catch to a minimum.


Reasons to add it to your order

Every step – from harvest, to holding in our live tanks, to transport – ensures the Southern Rock Lobsters are under minimal stress, so that they reach our customers in top condition.



Mori Seafood Southern Rock Lobster is certified sustainable with Friend of the Sea.

The fishery also operates under a ‘clean green’ program set up by Southern Rock Lobster Limited. This has been developed to standardise best practice by the fishermen for the benefit of the environment, lobsters and food safety.

The fishery is a Government managed quota fishery. Under this quota system, the live season may change if all fish are caught earlier.

Fishing only takes place outside of the spawning season to allow stock levels to replenish.


Culinary experience

The Southern Rock Lobster is a premium luxury crustacean.

Their cold and clean habitat gives them a unique clean, sweet flavour.

The Southern Rock Lobster is sashimi grade with a high percentage of meat to shell ratio.

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How to handle

When preparing live lobster, it must be done with respect, causing minimal stress to the lobster. Using the most humane way also stops the meat from being spoiled from stress.

Follow these simple steps to humanely prepare a live lobster:

  1. Chill the lobster in the freezer for approx. 30mins
  2. Use a sharp knife and slice from between the eyes down to the tail
  3. Prepare the lobster for cooking


Tips from our fishermen

Cooked lobster tastes at its sweetest and best on day 2 or 3 after boiling.

- Steve Moriarty