Boston Bay Mussel

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Boston Bay Mussel farming

The Boston Bay Mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis are farmed and harvested in Port Lincoln’s pristine Boston Bay.

The clean, oceanic waters in the protected bay provide the perfect, natural growing conditions with abundant nutrients and an absence of contaminants. This results in high quality, fast growing Mussels.

The Boston Bay Mussels are grown on ropes in their wild natural growing conditions and suspended in the water providing a clean and consistent mussel.


Reasons to add it to your order

Boston Bay Mussels are grown on a long line system of ropes suspended 2 to 15 metres below the surface. This results in a clean mussel of consistent quality that is superior to those grown on the seabed.

They are harvested and processed on the same day. Quality checks are conducted with each process to ensure they reach the customer in the best condition.

Boston Bay Mussels come in 1kg vacuum packs, cleaned and packed in natural seawater to keep the mussels alive. This results in a plump, clean tasting, consistent mussel with a 10-day shelf life for longer lasting value.



Caring for the environment of the Boston Bay Mussels is vital for its long-term sustainability. Our farmers are certified sustainable by international conservation organisation Friend of the Sea, have NASAA Organic Certification, and undergo water testing by the South Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (SASQAP).


Culinary experience

Boston Bay Mussels have a clean, rich taste. They are perfect for cooking in mussel pots or rich sauces and will absorb the juices and flavour.

Female mussels are orange in appearance and males possess a creamy colour. Boston Bay Mussels display a high meat to shell ratio, with a soft texture and clean sweet aroma.

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How to handle

  • Keep pack sealed until ready to use.
  • Before cooking, rinse in fresh water.
  • Store below 4⁰C.
  • Do not freeze.


Tips from our farmer

Try not to overcook them. This will help to keep in the juices and result in plumper, tastier mussels.