Pacific Oyster

Sweet oceanic flavour and juicy plump texture

Pacific Oyster farming

Originating from the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific Oysters Crassostrea gigas were introduced into Tasmania from Japan in the 40s and then into South Australia in the 60s.

Ours are farmed and harvested in the pristine oceanic waters of Coffin Bay and Smoky Bay in South Australia. These are ideal locations for farming and as a result have produced the internationally recognised Coffin Bay Oysters and Smoky Bay Oysters, which are known for their freshness and premium quality.

These unique growing areas consist of isolated waters, low human population, low rainfall and no river systems to wash pollutants into the waterways.

Our Pacific Oysters are grown in racks suspended in the water. This enables the flow of clean oceanic currents to wash nutrients through for the oysters to grow.


Reasons to add it to your order

These cold pristine waters and world class farming techniques produce a fresh and consistent oyster to plate.



The Pacific Oyster is managed sustainably using world’s best practice farming and harvesting methods. These farming and harvesting methods have minimal impact on the environment.

The South Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program routinely conducts water testing to ensure quality and integrity is upheld for public health protection.


Culinary experience

This is one of the unmissable seafood experiences, offering a sweet, oceanic flavour, with a juicy plump texture.

To have the freshest Pacific Oyster experience, we recommend buying our oysters in their whole form and consuming them immediately after opening.

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How to handle

  • Keep whole until ready to serve.
  • Place unopened Pacific Oysters in a bowl, cover with a damp cloth and refrigerate - this will maintain a healthy live oyster.
  • Store between 4-8°C.


Tips from our farmer

 Don't be afraid of a closed oyster, they are fun to shuck.

- Jedd Routledge